GCAP’s Nasia-Nabogo Call for Proposals End

The Project Implementation Unit of the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP) wishes to inform potential investors and general public that the “Expression of Interest” and “Call for Proposal for the Development Of Improved Rain-fed Agriculture Based On Water Harvesting Techniques For Rice Production In The Nasia-Nabogo Inland Valley” ended at 10.00HRS on Friday 27th March, 2015

The objective of the Expression of interest was to invite investors who are interested in cultivating rice in a demarcated and mapped  10,000 ha  of  land  identified  by  GCAP and deemed to be suitable for improved rain-fed rice cultivation.  GCAP is ready to provide the appropriate water retention infrastructure to support prospects with bankable business plans, among other criteria.

Eligible activities that will be funded:

GCAP funding will be based on the approved business plan and subsequently negotiated items/activities in the budget.
However each approved business plan must have the following key elements necessary for improved rain-fed rice production.

a. Water harvesting structures meant to provide water for supplementary irrigation during the rainy season and water for dry season farming.  This will include the following:

i. Weirs and check dams as well as dykes, drains, embankments and bunds (including bunds for flood control) in the lower part of the valley.

ii. Diversion weirs, embankments, ponds, canals and spillways for the upper part of the valley

b. Land development for ensuring that virgin land can be fully mechanized.  This is for one cropping during the rainy season. It could involve as necessary removing of trees and roots, stumping, land leveling, land smoothing, etc.

c. The design and construction supervision of the water harvesting structures will be carried out by Messrs Agriconsulting Europe (AESA), a consulting firm engaged by GCAP to develop identified sites in the Nasia-Nabogo inland valleys, using contractors pre-qualified by GCAP.

We received a total of sixty-three (63) Expressions of Interest during this call. Our Experts are reviewing the applications received and we shall communicate the results of process to the applicants very soon.