The formulation of the Tree Crops Policy (TCP) in Ghana takes into account the major policy and strategic documents developed and currently being implemented in Ghana.

This policy is mainly based on the Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy II (FASDEP II), which was developed in 2008 by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture through an
intensive stakeholder consultation process. FASDEP II provides the framework for a sustainable development of the agriculture sector.
Subsequently, the Medium Term Agriculture Sector Investment Plan (METASIP) 2011 – 2015 was adopted in September 2010 as the strategic plan to implement the medium term (2011-2015) programmes of the policy. The METASIP has been developed to achieve a target agricultural GDP growth of at least 6% annually, reduce poverty by 50% by 2015 in consonance with MDG 1 and has been based on the Maputo Declaration which requires that African governments commit at least 10% of their national budget to agriculture.

The TCP has integrated the strategies of the METASIP, and is therefore consistent with the ECOWAS Agriculture Policy and NEPAD´s Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development
Programme (ECOWAP/CAADP) which provide an integrated framework to support agricultural growth, rural development and food security in the African Region.

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