Fisheries Subsector (UE)


The goals of the fisheries sector policy are increasing the supply and consumption of fish and fish products; and contribution to the reduction of the incidence of poverty among rural folks through the creation of rural jobs.

There are policies developed on inland fisheries and aquaculture development strategic framework. The inland fisheries policy targets inland water bodies with the following strategies to increase fish production, increase incomes and employment, protect the fisheries resource and environment and build capacity of relevant institutions. Some of the specific strategies are to:

  • Improve management of declining fish resources.
  • Develop under-exploited fisheries resources
  • Improve product utilization and marketing
  • Improve socio-economic infrastructure and opportunities
  • Promote an integrated development of artisanal fisheries
  • Promote inter-sectoral cooperation

Fisheries Sub-sector Achievements

  1. To improve the management of declining fish resources, a total of twelve (12) dams/dugouts and five (5) fish ponds were stocked at community levels.
  2. Six (6) fisher fora were conducted to educate communities on the need management fisheries resources properly. This is to avoid over exploitation and to develop the under-exploited resources.
  3. To improve product utilization and marketing, three (3) groups of fish mongers (72) and fish hunters (15) were trained in various fisheries technologies e.g. Fish preservation, the use of appropriate fishing gears (mesh size).
  4. Farmers were thought to build improve chokor smokers as part of the development of their socio-economic infrastructural development.
  5. The sector in the region has collaborated with various stakeholders and institutions such as Water resources management, University for Development studies (Navrongo), GTZ e.t.c.

Constraints of Fisheries Sub-sector

  1. Inadequate staffing
  2. Lack of mobility for the staff
  3. Lack of training and laboratory facilities/equipment
  4. Non cooperative attitude from communities
  5. Inadequate funding

Potentials of Fisheries Sub-sector

The region is endowed with two hundred and sixty-nine functional dams and dugouts. It also has thirty-four (34) ponds. The main drainage sources are The White Volta, Red Volta and their tributaries which serves both as irrigation source and for fishing.

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