Livestock Subsector (UE)


Ruminants: Cattle, Sheep, Goats

The region has registered 240 farmers to benefit 2,400 small ruminants as part of the credit in kind programme under the Livestock Development Project (LDP) being implemented in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA). The first batch of 600 animals have been distributed

Poultry: guinea fowl, fowls, ducks, turkeys

Local Chicken/Guinea Fowl Production: Production of indigenous chicken especially guinea fowl can be enhanced with provision of small scale incubators to replace natural brooding and cold chain system can boost processing and transport to southern markets


The region is culturally favoured for the rearing of swine. Most of the indigenous households keep swine. The region currently supplies the local and southern markets for slaughter.

Others (dogs, donkeys):

These are traditional animals reared and used for social and domestic purposes.  The development of this sub-sector will go a long way to improve on rural incomes, intermediate rural transport and traction for land preparation.

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