Outlook for 2013

The Directorate of Agricultural Extension Services (DAES) intends to pursue various activities to achieve the objectives under FASDEP II and GSGDA. Listed below are main activities to be implemented in 2013:

  • Identify, update and disseminate existing technological packages by the end of 2013
  • Intensify the use of the mass communication systems and electronic media for extension delivery (Radio, e-Extension, use of Audio visual van, TV)
  • Strengthen FBOs to provide advisory services (extension, agro-inputs, market information, etc.) to members
  • Link cash crop farmers to service providers (rural banks, NGOs, Out-growers, etc.)
  • Sustain awareness creation on prescribed grades and standards for priority commodities with GSB
  • Develop strategy on Extension in Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture
  • Build capacity of field officers and farmers on new technologies
  • Build staff capacity on extension management , communication and new emerging issues in agricultural development

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