Institutional support
A total of€486,746.08 has been disbursed to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture under the Institutional Support Component for steering committee meetings and supervision missions. Of this amount, €123,314.88 was disbursed in 2012.

National Investment Bank (NIB)

  • Rubber Outgrower Plantations Project III (ROPP III)

An amount of €9,200,026.20 had been disbursed to NIB to be on lent as loans to ROPP III farmers as at 31st December 2012. Of this €9,142,393.79 representing 99.3% had been disbursed to farmers.

  • Buabin Oil Palm outgrower Project (BOPOP)

An amount of €2,979,668.09 had been transferred to NIB to be on lent as loans to BOPOP farmers as at 31st December, 2012. Of this amount €2,809,791.73 representing 94.3 % had been disbursed to farmers.

Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)
Within the implementation arrangements for the programme, €1.12m is available as credit for the maintenance of ROPP II farms which were still immature after 2005. ADB has as at December 31, 2012, requested for and received four tranches of the money totalling 757,400.13 Euros from AFD. An amount of 683,228.03 euros representing 90.2% of this amount has been disbursed to farmers. With most of the farms of ROPP II currently in production there will be no need to disburse further funds through ADB.

Loan Repayment
Out of a total of 900 farmers under phases I & II of the Rubber Outgrower Plantations Project three hundred and thirty seven (337) farmers had finished repaying their loans as at 30 June, 2012, while seventy (33) were yet to start payment.
The total amount of loans repaid by farmers as at 30th June, 2012, is GH¢8,586,035.58 (GH¢ 4,231,420.54 by Phase I farmers and GH¢ 4,354,615.31 by Phase II farmers). ADB has indicated that the repayment of loans due is 100%. ADB is, therefore, very content with the rate of loan repayment.


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