Key Achievements of the Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate-2012

  • Agribusiness Support Division established in March 2012. The division has during the year established a database on agribusinesses in all ten regions of the country making it one-stop-shop for agribusiness and agricultural investment enquiries.
  • A draft maize strategy has been prepared awaiting final validation. The strategy is expected to provide direction on areas of both private and public sector investment in developing the maize industry.
  • The directorate also facilitated participation in the Grow Africa and New Alliance events in the year.  The Grow Africa forum held in Addis Ababa was used to high light the investment opportunities in Ghana. Both local and international private sectors have signed LOIs and discussions are on-going to finalize their work plans.
  • One Joint Sector Review (JSR) was conducted during which key recommendations for improving METASIP implementation were identified. This plat form enhanced networking between GoG and Development Partners.
  • Twelve Agricultural Sector Working Group meetings were organized successfully.
  • Agricultural Sector Annual Progress Report was produced to provide input into Ghana Share Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA) Annual Progress Report and Joint Sector Review. This has informed re-prioritization of activities and decision making in the sector.
  • Studies have been commissioned on contract enforcements and incentive systems to promote investment in agribusiness and agro-processing companies and Farmer Based Organizations. These studies however, are expected to complete in July 2013.
  • A final draft of Agricultural Public Expenditure Review (Ag.PER) has been produced awaiting a validation workshop to be organized. The study is expected to be completed by end of March 2013. This is expected to help track the Maputo Declaration of allocating 10% of National Budget to the Agricultural Sector.
  • Capacities of 40 MoFA staff at National Directorates and Greater Accra RADU have been built in PBB. This will be replicated across the ten RADUs in 2013.
  • The directorate also coordinated the mid-term review of the METASIP. The procurement process is ongoing and a consultancy firm has been selected but details of contract are yet to be finalized. This review is chiefly to inform prioritization of investments for programming in the agricultural sector.

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