Development of Groundwater Resources for Agricultural Purposes

Over the last 50 years groundwater development has played a fundamental role in agricultural production in many parts of the developing world. In countries such as China and India groundwater accounts for approximately 50% of all irrigation supplies.

In Ghana, groundwater resources for agricultural purposes has largely been exploited from residual water from runoff in alluvial sandy formations usually found in flood plains and from water found in faults and fractures in consolidated geological formations.

These groundwater technologies have an advantage of being user friendly and lending themselves to farmer management as compared to high investment irrigation infrastructures such as large scale public irrigation schemes.
With the threat of poor and erratic rainfall pattern due to climate change which has dire consequences on agricultural production, coupled with the high operation and maintenance cost of large scale public irrigation schemes, AESD is promoting the exploitation of groundwater resources found in faults and fractures in consolidated geological formations for agricultural production.

AESD is promoting this technology through the use of tractor mounted rigs to construct boreholes on and off farms for agricultural purposes. To this end a number of tractor mounted drilling rigs have been leased out to private drillers under MOFA’s subsided hire purchase scheme to provide drilling services to farmers for agricultural purposes.

List of Drilling Companies with Tractor Mounted Rigs


Name of Company

RIG Location

Contact No.



P.O. Box 15097, Accra North

0302-518814, 0245-009961, 020-8122867


Armaco Engineering Services Ltd (AESL)

P. O. Box 7533, Kumasi

0277-404443, 0284-882173


Britak Steel Complex Ltd

P.O. Box 3079, Kumasi

0242-561192, 0276-097430, 0244-675654


Champion man’s Enterprise

P.O. Box KW164, Kwadaso-Kumasi

0244-811272, 0207-542404


Cosmopolitan Mechanical Co. Ltd.

P.O. Box AN 5379, Accra North

0243-228531, 0243-625749


Country Water

c/o Church of Pentecost, P.O. Box TA2, Taifa, Accra

0242-110442, 0244-956575


Dats Drilling & Water Resources Ltd

Kumasi, Ashanti Region

0241-757528, 0244-047846


Dolidona Enterprise

P. O. Box 18, Bolgatanga

0207-419051, 0208-336643


Espan Company Ltd.

Sunyani, Opposite St James Seminary School, BAR

0244-961628, 0208-183183


Fort Crown Co. Ltd.

P.O. Box CT 5050, Cantoments, Accra

0243-135555, 0283-135555


Global Al-Mas Ltd

P.O. Box 20, Bimbila, NR

0242-177050, 0244-184051, 0243-189587


Modern KOSA Ltd.

P.O. Box NT 476, Newtown, Accra

0288-273814, 0244-230777


Lardwin Company Ltd.

P.O. Box DC 94, Dansoman Estate, Accra

0244-633705, 0244-226809, 0244-754709, 0244-284721


Rahmax Enterprise Ltd.

P.O. Box 410, Wa

0244-292031, 0209-023731


Mikleb Enterprise

Hse/No. 17 BLK G. Patase-Kumasi, AR

020-8628645, 024-7593624


Waale Construction Works Ltd

P.O. Box 250, Bolgatanga

0208-244264, 0246-984626, 0244-278685


Waterside Co. Ltd

Wurishe-Tamale, near Tamale Poly, NR

0264-175402, 0244-175402, 0208-181018

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