2nd National Best Farmer – 2013


Name Abdulai Antiku Seidu
Age 44 years
Community Tabiase
Region Upper West
Marital status Married to 2 wives
No. of Children 6
Farming experience 20 years


Mr. Abdulai Antiku Seidu  from Tabiase in the Upper West Region emerged as the 2013 2rd  National Best Farmer.


The 44 year old, who has over 20 years’ experience as a farmer, owns 254 cattle, 30 sheep, 150 goats, 700 poultry, 360 doves, 55 rabbits, 18 guinea fowls.

His crop holding are 2119 acres of maize, 150 acres of soya beans, 10 acres of rice, 1 acre of sorghum, 10 acres of cowpea, 4 acres of groundnuts and 2 acres of yam.

In Addition to the crops, he also has 5 acres of teak, 30 acres of cashew and 50 acres of mango plantations.

Farm machinery

His farm machinery includes 8 tractors, 9 threshers, 2 kia branded trucks, 3 bigger trucks, 2 dibblers and 2 pickups which are judiciously used in ploughing, harrowing and conveying of farm produce for processing, storage and marketing.

Best practices

Abdulai Antiku Seidu has adopted best practices such as keeping records of all farm operations, engaging and using the advice of agricultural extension agents in the application of pesticides and recommended practices for the control of diseases.

Socio-economc contributions

As part of his social and economic responsibilities to the community, Abdulai Antiku Seidu has assisted over 600 deprived farmers within the operational areas of his company,  established demonstration plots in the various Districts to educate farmers on the varieties of crops and their maturity period, trained input dealers on the safe handling and hazards on agricultural inputs, sponsoring of radio programmes to educate farmers on the safe use and handling of Agro- chemicals and also how to get good yields when a farmer goes in for the improved seed.

Additionally he has sponsored the planting of trees in the region and constructed some mosques in the communities.

His achievements includes being a seed grower and main distributor of high quality certified seeds, fertilizer and Agro Chemicals in the region.

He is a service provider of SADA on the Agric programme, President of GAIDA in Upper West Region and a producer of hybrid maize seeds in the region.

He also works with farmer-based organizations (FBOs), small holders farmers and out-growers as an educator, tractors services provider, input supplier and technical advisor.

Abdulai Antiku Seidu is said to be the first to introduce the production of hybrid maize seed (Etubi) in the region with the support of AGRA.

Work force

He currently employs about 208 casual and permanent workers comprising of university graduates, SHS leavers and school drop-outs in addition to the 120 dependents which he feeds.

Past awards

Prior to being adjudged the 3rd National Best Farmer for 2013, he had won other awards including  Wa Municipal Best Agric Input Dealer, Nadowli District Outstanding Contributor to Agricultural Development

For his prize, he was awarded a tractor with a trailer, a plough and a harrow, a life insurance policy for one year, agro-inputs, assorted drinks from Accra Brewery Ltd and Guinness Ghana Brewery, beverages from Nestle Ghana Ltd and a certificate signed by the President of The Republic Of Ghana.


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