National Best Fisher – 2013


AGE 45


45 Year old Kwame Gyan of Apam in the Gomoa West District of the Central region is the 2013 National Best Fisher.

Gyan who has been in the fishing business for about fifteen years, owns and operates 5 inshore fishing vessels and 23 canoes which are powered by 5 inboard engines and 23 outboard motors respectively.

Additionally he owns 13 “watsa” or purse seine nets, 7 drift gill nets, 5 gill nets and 3 long lines which he uses in his operations.

He has a permanent work force of 520  and sometimes engages about 4 casual workers in his fishing business.

Gyan’s  contributions to the socio-economic development of his community includes the provision of poles for street lights, gravelling of the road that leads to his residence, paying the school fees of the children of his fishing crew as well as paying their NHIS premiums.

He is also noted to be a provider of refreshment for participants during communal labour in his area.

He also has 12 acres of citrus and 10 acres of cocoa farm in addition to the  20 goats and 15 sheep he owns.

From the earnings of his fisheries business, Gyan has acquired 5 building, 10 commercial vehicles including 2 taxis and 1 private vehicle.

Kwame Gyan is married with one wife and has five children who are all in school

For his prize, as the 2013 National Best Fisher, Kwame Gyan received a double cabin Nissan Pick-up, assorted drinks from Accra Brewery Ltd and Guinness Ghana Brewery , fishing gears including Fishing  nets, floats, ropes, twine, beverages from Nestle Ghana Ltd and a Certificate signed by the President of the Republic of Ghana.

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