2nd Best Fisher – 2013


Name Egya Kwesi
Age 43 years
Community Dixcove
District Ahanta West District
Region Western Region
Marital status Married with 3 wives and 10 children
Fishing experience 20 years


For twenty years now,  43 year old Egya Kwesi, the 2013 Second National Best Fisher has operated at Dixcove in the Ahanta West district of the Western Region.  Though he inherited the fishing business from his parents, he saw the need to grow and expand and therefore took a loan, an investment which has yielded much gain.

He currently owns 13 canoes and 18 outboard motors with which he operates the business. He uses a range of fishing gears such as 4 “watsa” nets or purse seines, 4 gill nets, 8 drift gill nets,  96 oars and 16 sails.

He has contributed to the reduction of unemployment in his area by employing 76 crew.  With the principle of giving back to society  Egya Kwesi regularly donates to the traditional authority during the annual “kundum” festival. He has also provided street lights and an 8-seater KVIP place of convenience to his community.

He has venture into other agriculture enterprise, including the cultivation of  a 25 acre rubber plantation, a 15 acre oil palm plantation, a 16 acre plantain farm and an 8 acre cassava farm.

He alsoowns 35 goats and 30 sheep.

He can boast of a considerable number of properties, including 2 storey buildings, 4 residential flats, 6 commercial vehicles ( 4 “trotros” and 2 taxis)

Egya Kwesi is married to 3 wives and has 10 children who are all in various stages of formal education.

For his prize, as the 2013 second National Best Fisher, Egya Kwesi was awarded an outboard motor, assorted drinks from Accra Brewery Ltd and Guinness Ghana Brewery , fishing gears including Fishing  nets, floats, ropes, twine, beverages from Nestle Ghana Ltd and a Certificate signed by the President of the Republic of Ghana.



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