Profile of 2nd National Best Fisher 2014

Name : Ekow Esson Town : Miemia

Region : Western Age : 44 years old

Marital status : Married

Children : 12 children at various levels of the educational ladder; from Basic school to the Tertiary level.

Ekow Esson was introduced to fishing at the age of 18 and with savings from his business of selling lobsters and shark fins, and a bank loan began his own fishing business.

He operates with 22 canoes and several fishing gears, namely 121 purse seines (watsa), 5 drift gill nets and 6 ordinary gill nets.

He also owns 23 outboard motors of 40 horsepower and has a fishing crew of 318.

Other businesses:

From his operations, Ekow has been able to acquire: 7 buildings in different locations, 8 commercial vehicles, 140 acres of rubber plantation, 15 acres of coconut, 200 goats and 300 layer birds and also invested in treasury bills.

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