Profile of 3rd National Best Fisher 2014

Name : Felix Asunda

Town : Hutideke

Region : Brong Ahafo Age : 51 years old

Marital status : Married

Children : 4 children at various levels of the educational ladder from Basic school to the Tertiary level

Felix Asunda was introduced to fishing by his father at the age of 10 years.

He operates 10 canoes, 1700 nets of varying mesh sizes and 3 outboard motors.

He currently has a work force of 33 of which 18 are men and 15 women.

Other business:

He owns a two houses, 5 acre rice farm, 5 acres of maize, 3 acres of cassava, 27 cattle, 33 sheep and goats, 2 motor cycles and 4 bicycles.

Felix also produces honey from 17 bee-hives and rears snails.

He is a public-spirited man and has registered 15 children in his community.

He roofed the Primary school in his community after it was gutted by fire.

He has made copies of the Fisheries bye-laws for fishers in the district.

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