National Best Fisher 2014

Name                    :         Justice Raymond Prah

Town                    :         Elmina

Region                  :         Central

Age                       :         53 years old

Marital status       :         Married

Children               :         8 children at various levels of the educational ladder from

Basic school to the Tertiary level

Justice Raymond was introduced to fishing at the age of twenty. He started his fishing business from his own savings and a loan

He has four inshore vessels and four canoes and operates with two (2) Purse seines (watsa) and two gill nets. His fishing vessels are powered by inboard engines and outboard motors.

He currently has 150 fishing crew in his business.

Other businesses:

The 2014 best fisher has a poultry farm of over 6,000 birds, and over 100 pigs.

He owns a 42-acre plot of land intended for fish farming, and cassava, maize and plantain farms.

He owns three buildings in his home town.

The best fisher is also a philanthropist, having helped five (5) children of his employees and taken one person through a trade apprenticeship in fitting. He also assists in transporting the sick in his community to the hospital when the need arises.

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