• German International Agency (GIZ)- Benefited from Capacity building (equipment, training)
  • Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) – Collaborating on Gender Issues
  • NUTRITION UNIT (GHS) – Contributed to development of Advocacy tool: Profiles 3, made inputs for National Nutrition Policy
  • FOOD RESEARCH INST (FRI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) – Collaboration on food-related activities
  • Food and Agriculture Organisation – Collaboration on  Nutrition, Food Safety and Gender related programs
  • Ministry of Women and Children (MOWAC) –
  • Food and Drugs Board (FDB) – contributing to the development of a National Food Safety Policy, others
    • Ghana Standards Board (GSB)- supporting the development of Educational Material of commodity standards
    • USAID- Community based Nutrition program in the Northern Region
    • Office of the Head of Civil Service/Civil Service Training School (OHCS /CSTC) – supporting  the Ethical Leadership and Quality Productivity Improvement Training Program for mid carrier Civil Servants
    • Nutrition and Food Science Dept, University of Ghana, Legon- supporting the establishment of a database on Local foods, Community based Nutrition program
    • National Board for small Scale Industries (NBSSI): Provide assistance on Business Management
    • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF): Nutrition related
    • MOFA- BASED: Women specific issues

New Rice for Africa (NERICA) – food trials promote the consumption of local rice

Export Marketing and Quality Assurance Project (EMQAP) – Promotion of safety and nutritional importance of fruits and vegetables

Root and tuber Improvement Program (RTIMP) –collaborating with Component C ie Support to Small scale root and tuber processing