Mr. Chairman,

Honourable Ministers, Nananom and Niimei, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Honourable Members of Parliament, Representatives of our Development Partners, Representatives of Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Representatives of Farmer Based Organizations, Civil

Societies and NGO’s, Representatives of the Private Sector, Fellow Members of the METASIP Steering Committee, Representatives of the Media, Ladies and Gentleman,

The Private Enterprise Foundation, PEF, is a body of Private Sector Associations whose activities include advocacy, policy analysis and training. Membership consists of The Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Ghana Chamber of Mines, Ghana Institute of Banking, Association of Ghana Industries, Ghana Employers Associations, Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders and Ghana Federation of Ghanaian Exporters, of which I am an Executive member,

Producers, G-FAP. G-FAP represents the common interests of its member associations and is best placed to articulate its concerns and proposals.

PEF is particularly proud of initiating the formation of the Agriculture, Public, Private Dialogue Forum which acts as a clearly house for the resolution of issues and concerns of non state in the Agric section. The formal induction of G-FAP onto the Board of Private Enterprise Foundation will mark the beginning of a new era for our farmer based organizations. The acknowledgement that farmer based activities are private sector activities will hopefully, take the agricultural sector to the next level.

PEF congratulates Government, the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and his staff, our Development Partners and everyone who contributed to designing and formulating the Medium Term Agriculture Sector Investment Program.

Mr. Chairman, we also take this opportunity to thank the Minister of Agriculture and his Staff for recognizing the Private Enterprise Foundation as one of the Partners in prosecuting the METASIP as a means to implement the CMDP process. We assure you of our continued support and commitment.

I thank you all for your kind attention.

(CAADP – Comprehensive Accelerated Agriculture Development Program)

PEF is extremely pleased and honoured to be represented on the METASIP Steering Committee. This Committee has been set up to monitor, evaluate and advise on the Medium Term Agriculture Sector Investment Program, which is the investment Plan for FASDEP II, Ghana’s response to implementing the objectives of CMDP.

We consider our membership of the Steering Committee as Government’s formal recognition, that unless all the various activities in the Agriculture Value Chain are perceived as a Business, it will be difficult for Ghana to achieve significant GDP growth. Further, we are gratified that Government has repeatedly affirmed that in spite of the oil find, Government will continue to promote and invest in the Agricultural Sector.

What does the Private Sector bring to the development of Agriculture? It is when farmers (even at the subsistence level) consider Agriculture as a Business, that scarce resources will be used efficiently to satisfy the demand of the local and export markets resulting in profits to improve the income levels of farmers. It is when opportunities to make profit are created in the Agricultural sector, that private investment will flow to all segments of the value chain such as transportation; warehousing and cold storage; supply of inputs from equipment and machinery to seeds and fertilizers; processing and packaging.

The Private Sector would expand and improve the service industry in areas like banking and insurance; information and communication technology; marketing including exports services etc, etc.

PEF, within the METASIP framework acts as a point of contact between Agriculture and the Private Sector. PEF has facilitated the mobilizing of Farmer Based Organizations into an Apex body, the Ghana Federation of Agricultural

Marjorie Abdin

Vice President

Federation of Associations of Ghanaian Exporters