Stephen Fianu- Manager

Basic Data

Project name:               Weija

Year started:                 1979

Developed area:           220 ha

Year completed:           1984

Potential area:               1500 ha

Irrigated area:               210 ha

Irrigation type:  Pump + Sprinkler

Background Information

Construction of the Weija Irrigation Project was started in 1979 and completed in 1984. It is a horticultural project situated about 30 km from Accra. The EC and the Ghana Government sponsored the project. All the farmers produce vegetables for the Accra/Tema local market from the inception of the project but now produce assorted vegetables for export to the U.K. The project consists of the Weija Lake with sprinkler system and it has a gross area of 1500 ha with irrigate able area of 210 ha.


It is within the coastal savannah. The project experience a mean annual rainfall of  846 mm, The mean daily temperature is about 26oC. A daily sunshine hour is 12.

Headwork’s – Infrastructure

The project consists of two (2) inclined centrifugal pumps at the intake which pumps water into an open canal and flows by gravity into a reservoir. A second pumping station that consists of four (4) vertical centrifugal pumps then sends the water to the sprinkler system on the field. The capacity of each of the pumps is 1200 m3/ha with 150 hp. The reservoir has a capacity of 15,000 m3.

Facilities at the Project Site

  • There is a privately owned batch drier at the project
  • There are also privately owned warehouses for storage of produce.

Water source/Head-works

Two (2) pumps out of five (5) each operating at 114 l/s deliver water through the main canal to a night storage reservoir where irrigation water is lifted to the sprinkler fields.

Contact Details

Name of Scheme Manager: Stephen Fianu

Tel: 233 0244225587

Address: P. O. Box M. 154 Accra