Basic Data

Sabastian Begina- Manager

Project name:                           Tono

Year started:                            1975

Year completed:                    1985

Potential area:                        3840 ha

Developed area:                     2490 ha

Irrigated area:                        245 ha

Irrigation type:                     Gravity

Background Information

The Tono Irrigation Project is one of the two irrigation projects under the management of Irrigation Company of Upper Region (ICOUR).

The scheme is located in the Upper East region of Ghana and lies between latitude 10o 45’ N and longitude 1o W. the project, established by the Ghana Government to promote the production of food crops by small scale farmers within organized and managed irrigation schemes. It is located at Tono near Navrongo in in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The construction of the project was started in 1975 and completed in 1985.  The project lies in the Guinea Savannah ecological zone of Ghana. It has a potential area of about 3840ha with a developed area of about 2490ha (the developed area is the same as the irrigable area). The source of water is from the river Tono.

Contact Details:

Name of Scheme Manager: Sabastain Begina

Tel: 233 0244 406890