District Agricultural Development Units

There are 170 District Directorates and are categorized under their various regions.
Their objectives are:
  • To manage and co-ordinate the District Department of Food and Agriculture  within the District Assembly;
  • To ensure the development and effective implementation of the district agricultural programs.
Their responsibilities include:
  • Oversee the preparation of the District Agricultural Development Plan and its incorporation into overall District Assembly Plan;
  • Prepare District Annual Agricultural Work Programs and Budget for submission to the District Assembly with copy to the Regional Director of Food and Agriculture;
  • Manage and co-ordinate the day to day activities of the District Food and  Agricultural Department, financial, human and material resources;
  • Ensure that scheduled training programs are implemented and technical backstopping provided;
  • Design and implement, in collaboration with the Regional Director of Food and Agriculture, a staff development program for all categories of staff in the District;
  • Facilitate liaison between Department of Food and Agriculture and  stakeholders on programs related to the development of agriculture in the District;
  • Ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of agricultural programs in the districts;
  • Prepare and submit timely reports – monthly, quarterly, annual and special situation to the District Co-coordinating Director, copied to RDFA
  • Collaborate with the Regional Food and Agricultural Department for the preparation and production of technical leaflets;
  • Ensure collection and collation and analysis of data in the district;
  • Facilitate the development and promotion of agribusiness in the district;
  • Establish relevant demonstrations, field days, and farmer fora in the districts;
  • Ensure achievement of targeted demonstrations;
  • Advise the District Assembly on matters related to agriculture in the district; and
  • Ensure food safety in the District.

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