Marine Fish Production

  • Daily data collection on fish landings by artisanal fishers, in shore vessels and industrial vessels.

Marine fish production for 2010 (Jan – June) is reported to be 166,165mt while that of the same period in 2011 is estimated to b 157,956mt.

  • Registration and licensing of vessels

Seven new vessels were registered and 119 vessels were licensed yielding a revenue of GH¢1,887,057.66

  • Facilitate the gazetting and passing of CBFMC Bye Laws

Ten CBFMC Bye Laws were gazetted during the first quarter of the year.  Four bye laws were passed with the District attorney (D/A) and three passed with the Attorney General

Inland Fish Production and Aquaculture Development

  • Increase Inland and Aquaculture production and productivity

Inland fish production increased from 20,000.58mt in 2010 to 24,475.75mt in 2011 (all in the first quarter).  This shows an increase of 18.3%.  Aquaculture production is 7,797.6mt.  This is made up of 3,472 from pond culture and 4325.6mt from cage culture.  The annual estimated target is 15,000mt.

  • Stocking of ponds/dams and cages

A total of 63 ponds of surface area of 6.03ha were stocked with 310,599 fingerlings throughout the country

Fish Production and Aquaculture Development

  • Survey of sites for pond construction

A total of 46 sites were surveyed for pond construction upon request from six regions throughout the country.  90 new ponds with total surface area of 13,709.45ha as well as 114 new cages with total surface area of 8650m3 were constructed during the period under review

  • Fingerling productions from hatchery operations

A total 11,585,652 fingerlings were produced

  • Development of ADP

An aquaculture advisory committee has been established to draft an Aquaculture development plan.

Fish Health and Disease Surveillance

  • Fish health and disease surveillance and monitoring

Eight cage farms, 37 ponds were visited in the Central, Greater Accra, Eastern, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Volta and Western Regions.  Incidence of poor water quality challenges especially dissolved oxygen, parasite and bacteria were observed.

Monitoring exercise was also carried out in Afram Plains districts where 80 cages out of 200 cages were sampled

  • Certification of hatcheries

Twenty three (23) ponds and one cage site were visited for certification of production systems.  Five farms did not have satisfactory standards of production.

Monitoring, Control and Surveillance of Fisheries Activities

  • Quayside inspection, beach combing and patrols

A total of 154 vessels were inspected at the Tema Port.

  • Naval Patrols

37 vessels were arrested by the Navy during patrols visits. (16 canoes, 16 inshore, 1 tuna, 4 trawlers were arrested for offenses including fishing with light, fishing without license and fishing in the IEZ)

  • Monitoring of fish imports

49,473.446mt of frozen fish were imported into the Tema port by 15 companies

  • Monitoring of illegal transhipment of fish at sea

An investigation of the practice was carried out in the Central Region

Extension Support

  • Farm visits, extension support and training of fish farmers

A total of 85 fish farms were visited to provide extension support to the fish farmers.  In addition a total of 49 trainings were organized throughout the country with 1,441 benefiting from these trainings.  Four fishermen groups and one fish processors group has also been formed in the Northern part of the country.

  • Education on the Fisheries Act and Regulation

A total of ten educational fora on the Act have been organized

  • Canoe Embossment

Evaluation of pilot programme completed.  Discussion with the Stakeholders held to start expanded phase of canoe embossment programme

Special projects

  • Development of harbours and landing sites

There is a plan to develop two harbours at Elimina and James Town and then 12 landing sites at Axim, Discove, Moree, Fete, Mumford, Winneba, Senya Breku, Teshie, Ada, Keta, Abotoase, Dzemeni. Surveys, engineering drswlings and the EIA have been completed.

  • Develop artisanal cold chain network

Cold stores have been planned for six communities Nyanyano, Kromantsi, Half Assini New Takoradi, Shama and Prampram.  Works have begun at all sites whiles the Nyanyanor site is 90% complete, Kromantsi is 70% complete, Shama and Prampram 30% completed.  Half Asini foundation level, New Takoradi not started.