Aveyime Cattle Ranch

The Aveyime Cattle Ranch Limited was established in 1973 by the Italian government as a joint venture between the Italian government and the Volta Regional Development Corporation (VRDC) of Ghana.

The aim was to enhance national cattle production in the catchment area of the project by producing genetically superior beef cattle for sale to the local cattle breeders, private farmers and institutions in the coastal savanna zone of Ghana to improve the national herd.

The ranch also provided extension and veterinary services to breeders and farmers in the catchment area. Subsequently there was a change of ownership with the European Economic Community (ECC) now European Union (EU) taking over to run it for the benefit of the government of Ghana after  10 year agreement between the government of Ghana and the Italian government came to an end.

The farm is now fully under the management of MoFA and will soon roll out its breeding programs for prospective livestock farmers and the general public.

A cattle kraal on the ranch