The scheme was launched on the 18th of February 2011 at the Nungua Livestock Breeding Station. Under this component 1000 gilts were distributed to small-scale farmers in the Greater Accra, Western, Central and Volta regions with each beneficiary given four gilts under a special agreement (credit- in- kind) with MoFA
The agreement will ensure that the animals are properly housed, bred, feed and given the required vaccination. After a period of two years, each farmer will repay with four gilts which are to be passed on to other farmers.

The aim of the scheme is to  improve the productivity and performance of farmers stock with the aim of promoting commercial pig production.


A component of the LDP, it was instituted to enable farmers access loans to undertake production, marketing or labour saving activities.

Farmers were  provided with loans for the improvement in livestock housing, purchase of breeding stock, processing of milk or meat, kit and veterinary drugs etc and are required to  pay back the loans in kind, i.e. animals after a period of time.