We have a Modern & Conducive Training Centre, a Farm and Fodder Bank to facilitate our one-stop Special Training and Hands-on Practicals for our trainees.

The duration for the course is 5 days, where Top Notch Resource Persons handle various aspects of the training sessions. Arrangements could be made to train your selected beneficiaries in any Community or District in Ghana.

Our trainees are always under our supervision for one (1) year for effective monitoring purposes after we have set them up, to enhance our on-the-job training with them on their farms to ensure that they practice good grasscutter and rabbit husbandries. We also organize refresher courses for them during our quarterly forums where we disseminate our research findings to them, and where they also share their farm experiences and network.

We train prospective farmers and set them up with genetically improved breeds of grasscutters & rabbits, cages & other basic logistics. We also organize Special Refresher Courses for grasscutter and rabbit farmers introducing them to proper farm management and formal banking practices in the grasscutter and rabbit production business.

We seek to partner the Government of Ghana & NGOs to reduce poverty, improve livestock production capacity to reduce stagnation in the livestock sector of agriculture, nutritional levels, jobs and wealth creation, national income and food security needs of Ghana, preserve the integrity of the environment and to ensure the supply of wholesome grasscutters and rabbits meat products for public consumption inland & foreign.

Our Target Groups – youth, unemployed, politicians, pensioners, single parents, students, workers, school dropouts and the elderly.


Ghana’s main sources of animal protein are fish, livestock and bush meat. Of the estimated national meat requirement of about 200,000 metric tones per year, 80% is imported. This suggests that, there is the need to develop other sources of acceptable meat in addition to conventional livestock.

Grasscutter meat is a delicacy in Ghana because of its high protein contents and low cholesterol level as compared to beef and goat meat. Consumer acceptance trails indicate that grasscutter meat was found to be 49.7%, compared to 28.9% and 21.5% for beef and goat respectively.

Various attempts have been made at farming the animal in Ghana over the past four (4) decades. Notwithstanding the potentials of grasscutter farming for poverty alleviation in the country, a survey of management practices among farmers in Ghana, indicated that one major constraint to farmers in the grasscutter & rabbit industry was technical know-how.

Hence JGIGFATC has spearheaded researches into grasscutter & rabbit forages they feed on, supplementary feed preparation, fertility enhancers for genetically improved breeds, composting of grasscutter & rabbit wastes into organic manure to enrich the soil for forages & crop farming and manufacturing insecticides from their waste to ward off insects.

All you need to do is to present yourself to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in grasscutter and rabbit husbandry and we will train and set you up.

To register for training and set-up, please contact Rev. Joyce Ofei on:

Mobile: 0203116655, 0240778237 & 0285036333 or E-mail:

Registration & set-up fees are discounted for NGOs, Churches, Schools & Groups.

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