The Founder- Rev. Joyce Ofei







Rev. Joyce Ofei

Rev. Joyce Ofei, who is a Top Notch Grasscutter/Rabbit Farmer & a Master Trainer in Profitable Domesticated Grasscutter/Rabbit Production & Marketing, is the Founder & President of JOYCE-GIWU GRASSCUTTER/RABBITFARMS & TRAINING CENTRE

She started her farm in her unused kitchen with 2 males & 4 females (weaners) in her self-made 2 wooden cages as a hobby for home consumption in 2003.

She later developed great interest in grasscutter/rabbit farming & took advantage of the various forages in her community that the grasscutters/rabbits feed on.  She then acquired some useful books on grasscutter/rabbit rearing and took time to study the contents of the books and put them into practice.

In 2004 she realized the rapid herd increase of her grasscutter/rabbit and went into commercial grasscutter/rabbit farming by constructing two other wire mesh cages.

With the little on-the-job practical experience that she had acquired on her farm, she took advantage of wherever she went to minister the Word of God and gathered some target groups – pensioners, workers, unemployed, students, school dropouts, females and briefed them on the viability of the grasscutter/rabbit industries & trained them after they had shown interest to enter into the grasscutter/rabbit business.

Rev. Joyce was a member of the National Planning Committee that planned and organized the International Grasscutter Forum on Grasscutter Production and Marketing held in Ghana in 2005.  She actually presented a paper on behalf of Grasscutter Farmers in Ghana.  This Forum was attended by participants from all over the world.

She later had her Master Trainer (Specially Trained Master Trainer of Trainers) Course in Grasscutter Production and Marketing in both Ghana and Benin in 2006; with a focus on acquiring immense knowledge in herbal medication and feed preparation from the Beniniors who have much knowledge in herbs preparation and usage.

She returned with a convictional challenge to partner the government to reduce poverty in Ghana.  She therefore got started by investing more money to expand her farm by building grasscutter/rabbit barns with different types of housing units for training and practical purposes.

She also participated & represented Africa in Grasscutter Production & Marketing in Heifer International’s Global Urban Agriculture Symposium held in Chicago, Illinois, USA in June, 2007; and her paper was among the best 5 presentations.

Rev. Joyce came back from the US with enthusiasm to establish the JOYCE-GIWU GRASSUTTER/RABBIT FARMS & TRAINING CENTRE; after which she advertised in the print media to organize trainings for both prospective farmers and farmers alike.  She also notified Politicians, Churches and individuals to sponsor trainees.

Rev. Joyce Ofei has also trained different batches from the National Youth Employment Programme; Politicians, Pensioners, Societies, Communities, & Individuals.

Rev. Joyce also holds the following Certificates:  Master Trainer in Domesticated Grasscutter/Rabbit Production & Marketing-Ghana & Benin; Diploma in Theology & Ministerial Studies–Victory Int. Bible School, Leadership Skills-Word of Faith Bible Inst; Management Studies-Leadership Dev. Inst; Trainer of Trainers in Empowerment of Women-UNDP; Managerial Leadership Skills for Women-MDPI;  Effective Management for Executive & Personal Assistants-GIMPA; Global Urban Agriculture Symposium-Heifer Int. USA. A professional Secretary with 38yrs working experience.

She is also the President of The GIWU Ministries & GIWU Christian Performing Arts Academy  (A Christian Drama and Films Ministries).

To support the JOYCE-GIWU GRASSUTTER/RABBIT FARMS & TRAINING CENTRE in its operations with either cash or kind, please call Rev. Joyce Ofei on Mobile:   0203116655,  0240778237 & 0285036333  or E-mail:   or Rev. Joyce Ofei,  P. O. Box AN 12589, Accra-North, Ghana.


JOYCE-GIWU GRASSUTTER/RABBIT FARMS & TRAINING CENTRE is (A One-Stop Farm & Training Centre where you are trained theoretically and practically).  We are  located at Tantra Hills (Near Yellow House), within South Ofankor Residential Area of the GA West District.