Information Dissemination

The Statistics Research and Information Directorate (SRID) is the primary organ for the dissemination of agriculture related information in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
The types of information one can get from SRID include the following:
•    Production, cropped area and crop yield of the major food crops grown across the country.
•    Farm gate, wholesale and retails commodity prices from main rural and urban markets.
•    Agricultural input prices and transport costs
•    Basic statistics on agriculture production in Ghana e.g. number of female farmers involved in groundnut production in the Northern region.
•    Costs and revenue for growing some major crops by ecological zone
•    Imports and exports of agricultural and related products
•    Annual national demand and supply volumes of major food crops.
•    Production of livestock, fish and meat.
How to get information:
Information at SRID is considered a national asset and is therefore available to anyone on request through appropriate channels and procedures. Indeed, some information that might be deemed as sensitive and classified would require special consideration.
However, in general, to get information from SRID in Accra one would go through the following steps:
•    Submit a written request addressed to the director of SRID to the SRID office in Accra. Making the same request through the email is equally acceptable.
•    Receive an acknowledgement of the request and an assessment of availability and complexity of information requested.
•    If information is available, receive a promise date for information to be given to you.
•    Information can be collected from the SRID office in Accra or be emailed to a requesting client’s email address.
Certain types of information, especially those concerning district and regional details may be requested directly from the regional or district offices.