Canadian International Development Agency

Ghana is a country of focus for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Currently, CIDA’s program in Ghana focuses on two priority themes; Increasing Food security and Securing the Future of Children and Youth, and three cross-cutting themes; Governance, Gender Equality and Environment.CIDA continues to have a strategic focus in the North – where poverty and food insecurity are highest – and continues to dialogue with the Government of Ghana, other donors, and various Canadian and local civil society organizations for more effective aid delivery.

CIDA supports the strengthening of Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture by helping it to be more effective in implementing the national food and agriculture sector development policy.CIDA also focuses on improving food security in Ghana through:

  • Investment in community-level food and nutrition security initiatives in the North
  • Complementary investments in the strengthening of farmer-based organizations
  • Support to sustainable management of land and water resources

In addition to the specific bilateral initiatives mentioned below, CIDA provides additional financing in support of increasing food security in Ghana via regional and multilateral organizations and through partnerships with Canadian organizations.

Support to the Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy (SFASDEP)

SFASDEP directly supports the implementation of the Government of Ghana’s Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy (FASDEP II) to promote sustainable rural development through food and agriculture.

Food Security Advisory Services

This project contributes to reducing poverty in Ghana through providing specialized advisory services in the sector of food security / agriculture for the agencies of the Government of Ghana.

Food Security and Environment Facility

This facility supports Ghana’s efforts to achieve food security through environmentally sound agricultural initiatives in the country’s three northern regions.

Tackling Malnutrition in Northern Ghana

This project aims to reduce the number of food insecure people and malnutrition-related diseases, particularly amongst pregnant/nursing women and their children in the three regions northern Ghana.

Assistance to Ghanaian Food Insecure Households

The project supports the Government of Ghana in its efforts to improve the protection of vulnerable populations in northern Ghana from the devastating impacts of floods and droughts, and also to ensure that the immediate food needs of the most severely food-insecure households are met.

Farmer Based Organisations (FBO) Development Fund

This fund enhances the capacity of farmers to protect their access to productive resources. It also improves land and water resource management, as well as community-based food security initiatives.

Ghana Environment Management Project (GEMP)

The goal of this project is to strengthen Ghanaian institutions and rural communitiesto reverse land degradation and desertification trends in three regions of northern Ghana.

CIDA’s bilateral program also builds on efforts already being undertaken by the Government of Ghana to improve water and sanitation, support public sector reform, decentralization and enhance public participation in the development and assessment of government plans and policies..

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