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Agricultural Extension (AgEx) is a venture within Engineers Without Borders Canada. We have worked in Ghana since 2004, primarily based out of northern district offices of MoFA. Our expertise lies in field realities within the extension sector in Ghana. We have experience working on technology adoption, performance based incentives, district management, and farmer group training on Agriculture As a Business. We have also worked with MoFA’s Agricultural Colleges since 2009, with a previous focus on agribusiness and entrepreneurship education.

Our current work focuses on bringing innovation to the Agricultural Colleges in curriculum enhancements, new partnerships and participatory education approaches. We are also working to support the development of the Ghana Country Forum for Extension, which is under the umbrella of the African Forum on Agricultural Advisory Services ( and the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (


Our Vision: A coordinated, competitive and innovative agricultural extension services sector.

The bottom line is that we want farmers to have access to the information, services and technologies that will enable them to have successful farms and sustainable livelihoods. We want the agricultural sector to be a system in which farmers can thrive, and we think that a more innovative, coordinated and competitive extension sector is key to making this a reality.


About Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada:

Founded in 2000, EWB aims to improve African livelihoods. The EWB network consists of over 30,000 members who run ventures in Africa, promote public awareness of development issues in Canada and advocate for improved decisions by our government and corporations.
We focus on innovations that impact systems – economic, political, social and cultural. We aim to prove what works, shift incentives and power dynamics, and transform the way people and organisations behave. We emphasize:

  • Collaboration and co-development with our partners
  • Iteration, learning from failure
  • Grounded in field-level understandings
  • Investing in people, capacity building
  • Cost efficiency and effectiveness

EWB is currently investing in 16 ventures in Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Liberia, Zambia, Burkina Faso and Canada.


Contact Information:

EWB Canada

P.O. Box TL1234

Tamale, NR


Miriam Hird-Younger, Venture Leader

miriamhird-younger at ewb dot ca