Recipe of the Month- May 2012


Cooking time: 35 minutes


  1. 2 cups heaped roasted corn flour
  2. 1 serving spoonful palm oil
  3. 2 medium sized tomatoes
  4. 1 medium sized onion
  5. 1 small piece smoked  fish
  6. Salted fish/momoni (optional)
  7. ½ beans (optional)
  8. Pepper and salt to taste
  9. Crabs optional


  1. Wash and  boil beans till tender and set aside
  2. Put palm oil on fire
  3. Add sliced onion to fry till brown
  4. Add momoni and allow to fry for 5minutes
  5. Add ground pepper and tomato and then fish
  6. Allow to cook whilst stirring  occasionally
  7. Add water, cover and allow to boil
  8. Add boiled beans
  9. Add the roasted corn flour and stir till well cooked
  10. Remove from fire and serve hot – Garnish with cooked crabs