Fisheries Subsector (AS)

Fisheries Subsector

Aquaculture (fish farming)

Total production of aquaculture for 2010 in the region was 16mt.


The region has a pilot fingerling production center at Kona-Odumasi. At the moment there are four (4) species being cultured namely; Heterotis, Catfish (mudfish), Tilapia and Snakehead. The major ones being Tilapia and Cat fish.There are other private fingerling production centers such as Kuma Farm in Kumasi.

In the year 2008 the total production of fingerlings was twenty-six thousand (26,000).

In 2009 the total number produced increased to four hundred and eleven thousand (411,000).


As at the end of 2010, there were four hundred and thirteen (413) fish farms, one thousand and nine (1009) ponds with a surface area of one hundred and thirty six (136) hectares in the region,

Table. Data on fish farms in Ashanti Region (2005- 2010)

Year Total number of farmers New ponds constructed Manually constructed ponds Total surface area of manually constructed ponds (ha) Mechanically constructed ponds Total surface area of mechanically constructed ponds(ha) Number of tanks Total surface area of tanks (ha)
2010 1009 113 97 2.8 10 1.14 6 0.012
2009 892 120 91 4.4 28 4.8 1 0.001
2008 702 130 88 4.7 40 3.5 17 0.043
2007 666 54 39 2.3 15 7.98 19 0.0113
2006 600 31 18 0.95 13 4.15 nil nil

Cold storage facilities:

The Ashanti region has twenty six (26) major cold stores each having an average capacity of 100 metric tons. In addition there are also retailing points with total capacity of twenty thousand two hundred and thirty eight (20,238) tons.

The total cold storage capacity (wholesale and retail) for the Ashanti region is ten thousand, one hundred and thirteen (10,113mt). Commodities stored include fish, chicken parts, beef, and mutton.

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