Rice Sector Support Project.

This project is implemented by Ministry Of Food and Agriculture in collaboration with Agence Francaise de Development (AFD) of France.

The project is in line with MOFA’s strategy to facilitate the production of food crops to attain food self-sufficiency, output processing and marketing systems.  Rice has been expressly identified in the Food and Agricultural Sector Development Policy (FASDEP) as an important food crop that should be given special attention for food self-sufficiency.


The Government of Ghana (GoG) has engaged the World Bank and USAID in supporting agricultural development project – the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP), with the principal objective of improving the investment climate for agri-business and developing inclusive Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs) and smallholder linkages aimed at increasing on-farm productivity and value addition in selected value chains.

‘Modernizing agriculture’ remains the overarching theme of Ghana’s agricultural policy as well as the new private sector development strategy. It focuses on a stronger role for the private sector in transforming agriculture from a low-productivity subsistence-based sector to one characterized by high-productivity, integrated value chains, and extensive value addition. Government interventions are focused on the enabling environment and other targeted measures to facilitate such investment, alongside more direct interventions targeted at food insecure areas.

Concept of Japanese Technical Cooperation

  • Sharing the knowledge and experience among C/P, beneficiaries and experts with high priority on sustainability
    • Enabling people to become self-reliant, solving their challenges through their own self-help efforts
    • Development of human resources through the implementation of Project activities



The Inland Valleys Rice Development Project (IVRDP) is being implemented by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture at a total cost of UA 17.1 million, comprising a loan of UA 15 million (88%) from the African Development Bank (AFDB) and a Government of Ghana contribution of UA 2.1 million (12%).


Ghana has abundant natural resource base from the numerous inland valleys found in the country’s agro-ecological zones.  It has been demonstrated that inland valley rice production is more profitable than both conventional irrigation and upland cropping, provided water management is improved and farmers adopt improved rice production practices.  The IVRDP is providing a basis for sustainable rice development in the inland valleys through provision of simple, low-cost water management structures (weirs, dykes, canals, drains and basins/ plots), use of improved production inputs and post-harvest management practices.



The Export Marketing and Quality Awareness Project is co-financed by the Government of Ghana and African Development Bank, with a loan amount of UA18.84 million equivalent to USD $28.84million. Project implementation will span a period of five years and is being implemented in four regions notably: Central, Greater Accra, Eastern and the southern-most part of Volta Regions. Project implementation began effectively in January 2007 following the declaration of effectiveness in May 2006 and the subsequent first disbursement to the project in December 2006. The deadline for disbursement is December, 31st, 2011.

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