Head of Public Relations, Ministry of Food and Agriculture receives another recognition of Hard work.

Head of Public Relations, Ministry of Food and Agriculture receives another recognition of Hard work.

mofa proThe Head of Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture Bagbara Tanko has been honored as the Best Public Relations Officer in feature writing for 2023 at the 4th Government Public Relations Officers Excellence Awards in Accra.

The ceremony, which the Information Services Department put together under the auspices of the Ministry of Information was under the theme, ‘Curbing Misinformation and Disinformation-The Role of the Government PRO’.

Speaking at the awards night ceremony, the  Chief  Director of the Ministry of Information, Mrs. Charlotte Morgan Asiedu, applauded Government Public Relations Officers for their role in communicating government policies, programmes, and activities for the common good of the people of Ghana.

The Head of the Public Relations Coordinating Division of the Information Services Department, Mrs. Ethel Codjoe Amissah, also urged the PROs to continue to develop communication strategies that will help engender public knowledge of government policies, programmes, and activities.

In a world where reputation is everything, the role of a public relations officer (PRO) has become increasingly critical. In Ghana, one individual has stood out for his exceptional skills in this field, earning him the title of the best PRO in feature writing for 2023. Meet Bagbara Tanko, a man who has dedicated his career to shaping narratives and managing reputations for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Bagbara's success at MoFA caught the attention of many In this role, Bagbara has continued to excel, developing groundbreaking PR initiatives that have helped to improve MoFA reputation and position it as a responsible, responsive, and transparent organization.

Bagbara's impact on PR in Ghanan is not limited to his work at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Ministry of Roads and Highway, the Regional Coordinating Council Wa, and the Sissala East District Assembly. He is also an accredited member of the Institute of Public Relations (IPR), Ghana. Through these platforms, he has been able to share his expertise and inspire other PR professionals to strive for excellence in their work.

Bagbara's approach to PR has earned him numerous awards and accolades over the years. In addition to being named the Best PROs PR in 2022 , he was also recognized as one of the best 25 PR personalities in Ghana by the Ghana Public Sector Awards scheme in 2022. His work has also been featured in several publications, including Magazine.

When asked about his philosophy on PR, Bagbara said, "PR is not just about managing crises or promoting products; it's about shaping narratives that resonate with your audience. It's about understanding your stakeholders' needs and expectations and delivering value that meets them."

As Bagbara continues to make waves in the PR industry, he remains committed to pushing boundaries and driving innovation in this field. His impact on PR in Ghana is undeniable, and his legacy will continue to inspire PR professionals.

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