The Grains and Legumes Development Board (GLDB) was set up by an Act of Parliament No. 324 of 17th April, 1970 as a subvented organization under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA).


The mission of the Board is to produce and distribute good quality Foundation seeds of cereals, legumes and vegetable seeds as well as vegetatively propagated planting materials of cassava, plantain, yam and citrus seedlings. In addition, the board is to make available processing and storage facilities to registered seed growers and other farmers.


The functions of GLDB include:

  • Production of Foundation Seeds of Cereals and Legumes.

The Board produces quality foundation seeds under the National Seed Programme. These seeds are then supplied to registered seed growers and companies for the production certified seeds for farmers.

  • Production and Supply of Vegetatively Propagated Planting Materials.

The Board’s activities include the production of cassava cuttings, plantain suckers, seed yams and citrus seedlings to meet the demand of farmers.

  • Provision of Agro-processing Services.

Processing and storage services are provided to registered seed growers and other farmers at three locations. Services include evacuation, shelling, drying, conditioning and storage. The locations are:

  • Ho, for farmers in the Eastern and Volta Regions;
  • Winneba, for farmers in the Central, Western and Greater Accra Regions;
  • Kumasi, for farmers in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions.
  • Management of Farmers Certified Seeds and the National Seed Security Stocks.

Processed seeds are stored in cold rooms at the request of seed growers, institutions, organizations and other individual farmers. Quantities of certified seeds procured as National Security Stocks (NSSS) against disasters are kept in cold rooms at Ho, Winneba and Kumasi under the management of the Board. Management activities include routine sampling and testing.