Pong Tamale Livestock Breeding Station


The Pong Tamale Livestock Breeding Station is a multi-specie livestock farm located in Pong Tamale in the Northern Region. It is strategically located south of the Pong Tamale Veterinary College where middle level animal health technicians are trained.


The station is mandated to carry out breed improvement of Sahelian sheep and goats, and the West African Shorthorn cattle through breed selection and breeding and to supply the superior breed to farmers for multiplication.

It is also mandated to maintain the genetic potentials of the Large White pig and supply to farmers for multiplication.

The station also has a ‘Livestock Demonstration Village’ where visitors can gain practical knowledge in animal husbandry practices and management.


The main functions are to:

  • Carry out breed improvement programmes for the livestock species on the
  • Carry out health program in line with the breeding program
  • Establish and maintain pasture  for feeding of stock
  • Conserve fodder and utilize crop residues such as groundnut tops and rice straw by baling for dry season feeding of stock and for sale to farmers
  • Collaborate with research institutions in the conduct of farm trials and adaptive research
  • Train prospective livestock farmers, students of agriculture and veterinary college trainees   practical aspects of livestock husbandry and management
  • Provide livestock extension services farmers