Regional Agricultural Development Units


RADU is engaged in monitoring and backstopping activities, building the relevant database for agricultural planning, facilitating farmers/processors access to credit and markets and ensuring the efficient management of financial and institutional resources for policy planning and implementation.



To pursue an on-going policy of improved agricultural service provision, encourage farmer/private sector participation and investment, improved household food security and enhanced natural resource management for sustainable agricultural growth and development.



  • To provide leadership in the development of an effective, short, medium and long-term agricultural strategies and programs that would make optimal use of the region’s resources and potentials for improving farmer productivity, and livelihoods;
  • To exercise regional oversight over District Food and Agricultural Departments and ensure their effective performance within the Decentralization framework and policy of government;
  • To ensure adequate human resource capacity of the Department of  Food and Agriculture in the region  to implement its planning, regulatory, monitoring and evaluation functions in line with national agricultural  policies and strategies;
  • To forge linkages with relevant stakeholders for the development of agriculture in the region; and
  • To coordinate all agricultural programs in the region including NGOs, Donor programs and private sector initiatives and to ensure their adherence to national regulatory policies and standards for the maintenance of a productive and sustainable agricultural environment.



  • Liaise with the RCC and development partners to promote the region’s agriculture;
  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of consolidated annual regional agricultural development programs and budget to the Regional Coordinating Council and the Chief Director of MOFA;
  • Ensure timely mobilization and allocation of resources for the region and their judicious utilization;
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of regional and district programs and submit reports to RCC and Chief Director;
  • Manage the staff and activities of the Regional Agricultural Department through effective delegation of function, control, leadership and direction;
  • Prepare and submit quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports on all  agricultural and agricultural related  projects, programs and special situational reports to the Chief Director of MOFA and the Regional Coordinating Director;
  • Promote agribusiness development in the region;
  • Supervise and provide technical backstopping for agricultural activities in the region;
  • Liaise with national directorates and relevant research and training institutions for information and assistance for the promotion of the region’s agriculture;
  • Formulate and implement a program of regional capacity building and training for all categories of staff in conjunction with the Regional Human Resource Development Unit;
  • Advise the RCD on technical issues;
  • Ensure that agricultural development programs and projects are implemented in accordance with the rules, regulations and quality of standards of MOFA; and
  • To establish and maintain a fixed assets register in the region.
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