Human Resource Development & Management


The HRDMD determines the human resource needs for The Ministry of Food and Agriculture. This implies that we are responsible for recruiting qualified staff the training and retaining of MOFA staff to develop the necessary capacities to deliver on the objectives of MOFA.
Furthrmore, HRDMD manages Agricultural Colleges and Farm Institutes under the ambit of MOFA, for pre service training of trainees for the use of the agricultural sector.


To have a well developed and motivated Human Resource with strong desire to drive the engine of growth of the agriculture sector.


To develop and manage qualified Human Resource to promote sustainable agriculture in Ghana


  • To initiate and formulate relevant policies and programmes;
  • To ensure that MOFA has the required number and quality of manpower to effectively carry out its assigned roles and functions;
  • To ensure that staff with requisite background for all types of work in the Ministry are recruited, trained, re-trained, motivated and developed on a continuing basis for the efficient discharge of their duties;
  • To advise the Chief Director on policy issues and laws regarding Human Resource Development and Management;
  • To give technical backstopping to the regions and districts;
  • To coordinate, monitor and evaluate programmes in collaboration with PMCM&E.  



  • Establish and maintain system and procedures for planning and controlling human resource development for the Ministry
  • Provide guidance in determining training needs of all categories of workers in the ministry and ensuring that appropriate training programs are develop and implemented;
  • Co- ordinate and collate training and manpower development budget and when approved, institutes measures to back up its implementation;
    Periodically review rules, regulations and procedures relating to training.
  • Advise on the preparation and application of training criteria, methodologies and techniques;
  • Pursue the development and implementation of adequate proficiency programs to improve the competence of staff in the Ministry; and
    Establish appropriate and effective linkages with PBCME and the office of the Head of Civil Service (OHCS) for effective human resource planning.
  • Institute measure to provide inter linkages between sector plans and those of implementing agencies relating to training and manpower development to ensure the optimum utilization of personnel within the sector.
  • Formulate measures to cater for the periodic review of the organizational structure including job classifications and descriptions.
  • Assist in the determination of appropriate sectoral manpower levels consistently with the overall operational requirement of the sector
  • Ensure that periodic management and organizational reviews as well as job descriptions, scheme of service and career programmes plans are maintained.
  • To manage preserves and Vocational Training in Agricultural Institution s by developing skills and capacities for use by the Agricultural sector
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