Agricultural Engineering Services

Agricultural Engineering Services Directorate (AESD) is one of the seven (7) technical Directorates of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Its origin dates as far back as 1966 when it was then the transport division of the Ministry of Agriculture and its functions was limited to manage government fleet of machinery and equipment as well as render highly subsidised mechanised services to farmers.
Realising the efforts the transport division was yielding results to the Ministry of Agriculture; its status was elevated to a department; named Agricultural Mechanisation and Transport Department. In 1987 when government stopped providing direct mechanised services to farmers the department was renamed Agricultural Engineering Services Department after it had broaden its scope of activities to include other engineering intervention needed for increased agricultural productivity.  Some of the areas of focus was Soil & Water Conservation, Post harvest Management, and Farm Power/Machinery and Transport.
After MOFA decentralisation programme in 1997, the department was renamed Agricultural Engineering Services Directorate. Presently, the directorate operates under four (4) units namely:

  • Farm Power Machinery and Transport
  • Post Harvest Management
  • Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
  • Rural Technology Information

It’s Mandate as a Technical Directorate of MOFA is to ensure the availability of farm power and other engineering technologies with sound and sustainable environmental practices for all the categories of farmers, fishermen and agro – processors in Ghana for agricultural production and related activities.
Its Functions includes…………….

  • Advice the Hon. Minister and Chief Director of MOFA on all agricultural engineering related issues in the country (i.e., agricultural machinery needs of the country, strategies for comprehensive mechanization of agricultural production along the value chain).
  • Initiate, formulate and review agricultural engineering policies in the country
  • Coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of all engineering programmes, policies and projects
  • Provide technical backstopping to MOFA staff in the Regions and Districts on Agricultural engineering related issues.
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