Rejoinder: Mr. Senyo Hosi, loss of millions of Ghana cedis in Agricultural Investment using data from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture

The attention of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has been drawn to online publications and a video circulating on social media in which Mr. Senyo Hosi vehemently asserts that he had lost millions of Ghana Cedis in investments using data of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The Ministry finds the assertion made most unfortunate due to its implications for the development of Ghana’s agriculture, particularly, the deterring effect it could potentially have on investments in the sector.

Statements made also undermine the integrity of the Ministry and constitute a major drawback to efforts being made to modernize and transform Ghana’s agriculture.

Given the serious nature of the assertions by Mr. Hosi, the Ministry considers it obligatory to seek additional information in a bid to fully understand and establish the veracity of the claims made.

To help the Ministry achieve this, we openly invite Mr. Hosi to furnish our entity with responses to the following pertinent questions:

I.       the nature of investment(s) into which millions of Ghana cedis were sunk? 

II.      The source of MoFA data that informed the failed investment(s) 

III.     Whether there was engagement with any technical directorate or senior official of the Ministry on the specific data related to the investment(s), and

IV.    Whether a formal complaint has ever been lodged, verbally or otherwise about the integrity of the data use

The Ministry is urging Mr. Senyo Hosi to formally and promptly respond to the questions posed, to assist the Ministry investigate the matter and take remedial action if necessary.

For further enquires, kindly contact the Public Relations of MoFA on phone number 0243080921        


Chief Director, Ministry of Food and Agriculture


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