Ghana CARES "Obaatan pa" Programme

ghanacareslogoThe Ghana COVID-19 Alleviation and Revitalization of Enterprises Support (Ghana CARES) programme, is government’s response to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives and livelihoods of Ghanaians. Ghana CARES is a two-phase programme;

  1. Phase I - Stabilize the Economy (July –December 2020) and
  2. Phase II - Revitalize and Transform the Economy (2021 - 2023).

    The Revitalization and Transformation phase has seven (7) focus areas:

    1. Supporting commercial farming and attracting educated youth into agriculture;
    2. Building Ghana’s light manufacturing targeting agro-processing and food import-substitution (specifically, rice, poultry, cassava, sugar and tomatoes), pharmaceuticals, and textiles & garments sector;
    3. Developing the machine tools industry;
    4. Developing the ICT/digital economy;
    5. Developing the Housing and Construction industry;
    6. Promoting Ghana as a Regional Hub – for financial services, for manufacturing, and for ports and logistics; and
    7. Optimizing Government’s flagships and programmes for greater results, value-for money, and financial sustainability
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The CARES Programme identifies agriculture as one of the critical sectors to revitalize and transform the economy. Accelerating Agricultural Modernisation has therefore been prioritised under Ghana CARES. This aim is to ensure rapid competitive import substitution, support to commercial farming (particularly by the educated youth), increased food security, and the supply of raw materials (at scale, high quality and high reliability) for agro-processing industries for value-addition, job creation, exports, and industrialization.

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Ghana CARES Activities

Commodity Value Chains Stakeholder Engagement

Commodity Value Chains Stakeholder Engagement

Objective The main objective was to engage key stakeholders of prioritized value chains including...

Exploratory visit by the Tomato Initiative Team

Exploratory visit by the Tomato Initiative Team

Tomato Initiative Team with the Management of Weddi Tomato Processing Limited Engagement with Tomato...

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