Planting Food and Jobs phase II (PFJ 2.0) Farmer registration commences: Dr Bryan Acheampong

Planting Food and Jobs phase II (PFJ 2.0) Farmer registration commences: Dr Bryan Acheampong

Dr Bryan Acheampong, the Minister for Food and Agriculture, has declared the start of farmer registration under the Planting for Food and Jobs phase II (PFJ.0). The Sector, Minister made this announcement in Accra when he met with the press on Monday. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture is committed to the successful implementation of this transformative approach, aiming to empower our farmers, enhance productivity, and foster sustainable agricultural development in Ghana.

Dr Bryan said PFJ 2.0 aims to promote agricultural development, food security, increased productivity, and job creation by adopting a holistic value chain approach. This involves strengthening linkages among actors along selected agricultural commodity value chains and improving service delivery to maximize impact. Key changes from the first phase include the introduction of a smart agricultural financial support system, replacing the direct input subsidy with a zero-interest input credit system.

The PFJ 2.0 program is anchored on five main strategic elements:

1. Inputs Credit System: This system ensures quality fertilizer, improved seed, and support services for farmers through a zero-interest input credit system.

2. Storage and Distribution Infrastructure: A network of warehouses and logistics will be established for the storage and distribution of produce, including takeover centers.

3. Off-take Arrangements or Commodity Trading: Guaranteed market access and price stabilization will be provided through improved market access and assured raw materials for processing.

4. Digitized Platform: A smart farmer, smart farm, and digitized agriculture approach will be implemented using the Ghana Agriculture and Agribusiness Platform (GhAAP).

5. Line of Sight Management and Coordination: A central digital platform will be used for real-time data capturing, monitoring, and evaluation, with the development of a user-friendly platform to track the program's progress.

To participate in PFJ 2.0, farmers or producers must meet specific requirements, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the program. The registration process will be conducted across all sixteen regions and 261 districts in Ghana, utilizing the Ghana Agriculture and Agribusiness Platform (GhAAP) and trained Agricultural Extension Agents (AEAs).

Dr Bryan encourage all farmers and producers to register for PFJ 2.0 through their local Agricultural Extension Agents at the District Department of Agriculture.

Together, we can work towards a more prosperous and sustainable agricultural sector in our beloved nation, “ said the Minister.

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